Empires and Resistance

CFP: London Socialist Historians Group

Empires and Resistance: the Rise and Fall of Great Powers

Call for Papers

A conference to be held on Saturday 8th May 2004, at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet St, London, WC1E 7HU.

We are currently witnessing an expansion of US military power on a scale not seen since the Vietnam war - but as historians we know that Empires fall as well as rise.

In this context, the London Socialist Historians Group is organising a conference to discuss the historical issues raised.

The conference will range across a wide area. The aim is to focus on how and why empires arise, how they fall, and what role resistance plays in this process; what trends can be identified in a comparison of contemporary US imperialism with British and French imperialisms, inter-war Japanese imperialism and the Austrian and Russian Empires. Finally it will also aim to look at older imperialisms such as the great Islamic Empires and those of China and Rome.

Initial proposals for papers should be sent by 18th January 2004 to the London Socialist Historians Group, 38 Mitchley Rd, London, N17 9HG or email conference2004@londonsocialisthistorians.org.


For more information, see the London Socialist Historians Group web site www.londonsocialisthistorians.org.

John Walker
London Socialist Historians Group