Labnet: first message

Dear members of Labnet,

A week ago we had a very successful founding meeting of
Labnet, the European network of Labour Historians. You will
receive the Proceedings of the meeting as the next message.
After the meeting, we took the liberty of putting all those
who during or before the conference had indicated that they
wanted to become a member of Labnet on this discussion list.
If, for whatever reason, you do not want to be on the list,
you will find instructions on how to end your membership
The discussion list will be the main artery of the
communication between members of Labnet. Through the list
members may exchange information, review books and discuss
developments in the field. You will find conference
announcements and calls for papers and you can send in the
announcements of the conferences or sessions you may be
organising yourself. You can ask colleagues questions on data
and literature they might be more familiar with than yourself.

The Labnet list is very easy to operate:
To send a message to all the people currently subscribed
to the list, just send an e-mail message to Labmod@iisg.NL. It
will then be read by the moderators of the List and be
distributed to all other members. The moderators may for
instance combine two related messages to one message, before
sending it to all members. The moderators of this list are Aad
Blok (ABL@iisg.NL) and Lex Heerma van Voss (LHV@iisg.NL).
If you want to temporarily stop Labnet from sending you
mail (for instance while you are away on a holiday), send a
message containing only the words "SET Labnet NOMAIL" to
LISTSERV@iisg.NL. If you want Labnet to resume sending you
messages, send a "SET Labnet MAIL" command to
LISTSERV@iisg.NL. You may leave the list at any time by
sending an "UNSUBSCRIBE Labnet" command to LISTSERV@iisg.NL.
Anyone who wants to subscribe to the list simply sends an e-
mail message containing only the words "SUBSCRIBE Labnet" to
Please note that these are two addresses. One sends all
substantive messages one wants to have distributed among
Labnets members to LABMOD@iisg.NL and all commands to do with
one's membership to LISTSERV@iisg.NL.

We look forward to acting as moderators of a very lively
discussion list.

Aad Blok
Lex Heerma van Voss

Labnet List is the discussion list of Labnet, the European network of Labour Historians
Labnet is moderated by Labmod@iisg.NL at the International Institute of Social History
(Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Tel +31.20.6685866, Fax +31.20.6654181)
To subscribe, send a mail containing the message SUBSCRIBE LABNET to Listserv@iisg.NL