IALHI Conference and General Assembly 2020

Event, 10-11 September 2020


International Association of Labour History Institutions

(Online) Conference and General Assembly, 10-11 September 2020



All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2

The event will take place online, via Zoom. Please register using the links below in order to receive the login details for each panel and meeting

An extended version of the programme with abstracts of all presentations can be found here.


Thursday, 10 September



General Assembly

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Sessions with member presentations.

Topic: The “corona crisis” and its impact on the activities of IALHI institutions

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First session

  • “How Covid-19 Crisis has impacted activities of Ohara Institute for Social Research”, Akira Suzuki (Ohara Institute for Social Research, Japan)
  • “TÜSTAV and Its Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, (Türkiye Sosyal Tarih Araştırma Vakfı, Turkey)
  • “New Collection Strategies in Times of Crisis: Corona and Amsab-ISH”, Geert Van Goethem and Donald Weber (Amsab-ISH, Belgium)
  • “The CEHTI and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic”, Hernán Camarero (Centro de Estudios Históricos de los Trabajadores y las Izquierdas, Argentina)
  • “Impact of COVID-19 in Nepal and Importance of Digitalization”, CLASS (Nepal)
  • “«Quarantinki» from the collection of the The State Public Historical Library of Russia”. Elena Strukova (The State Public Historical Library, Russia).



Second session

  • “The IRELP and the corona crisis”, Jean-Marc Schiappa (Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes de la Libre Pensée, France)
  • “Creation of the exhibition project "Russia and the World" and its multimedia component” (State Museum of Political History of Russia)
  • “Becoming a trusted digital repository”, Robert Gilesse (International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands)
  • “From scan to online access”, Eric de Ruijter (International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands)
  • “Collecting oral history during the corona pandemic”, Pete Pesonen (Työväen Arkisto, Finland)
  • “Conveying history in times of the pandemic”, Stefan Müller (AdsD, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany)


Friday, 11 September

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13:00-14.00                           Workshop: The Door to Your Collection: The Social History Portal

                                                Coordinator: Donald Weber (Amsab-ISH)


14:00-15.00                           Workshop: The use of social media by the IALHI and its institutions

                                                Coordinator: Lucas Poy (IALHI)


15:00-16.00                           Workshop: Exploring new technology: Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)

                                                Coordinator: Sofie Veramme (Amsab-ISH)


16:00-17.00                           Workshop: Everyday web archiving

                                                Coordinator: Annabel Waltz (AfsD FES)