CfP: Claudio Pavone Prize for the history of resistance

Call for proposals, deadline 20 September 2023

1. The National Institute “Ferruccio Parri” promotes the third edition of the Claudio Pavone Prize for unpublished research on antifascism and the Resistance.

2. The research should focus on antifascism and the Resistance, at Italian or European level, with regard to aspects of political, social, cultural, military, judicial history, transnational or gender history; along a chronological span from 1922 to 1948, including all forms of opposition to the fascist movement and regime, as well as to European fascisms in the 1920s and 1930s century; resistance to fascist and Nazi occupation in Italy and Europe during World War II (including forms of resistance related to deportations and internment) and events related to the period of postwar democratic reconstruction and transitional justice. Also included among the topics of interest are the politics of memory and cultures of remembrance related to antifascism and resistance.

3. Researchers of any age and background are eligible to participate in this call.

4. Applicants, along with the application form, must send the final text of the study in Word and PDF format and a short abstract. The typescript, in Italian, must have a maximum length of 700,000 characters (including notes), the abstract a maximum length of 4,000 characters.

5. The application must be submitted to the National Institute "Ferruccio Parri" by 12 p.m. on 20 September 2023 via e-mail to The subject of the application must state: 'Bando Premio Pavone'. In the application the candidate must indicate: name, surname, date and place of birth, fiscal code, residence, telephone number and email. The application must be submitted together with the materials indicated in paragraph 4 and a detailed curriculum vitae.

6. The submitted research will be evaluated and selected by a scientific committee formed by: Giulia Albanese (University of Padua - Scientific Committee National Institute "Ferruccio Parri"), Chiara Colombini (Scientific Committee National Institute "Ferruccio Parri"), Filippo Focardi (University of Padua - Scientific Director National Institute "Ferruccio Parri"), Nicola Labanca (University of Siena - Scientific Committee National Institute "Ferruccio Parri"), Paolo Pezzino (University of Pisa - President National Institute "Ferruccio Parri").

The outcome of the selection will be announced on the Institute's website by 10 November 2023.

7. The Commission's judgment will take into account the following criteria:

• relevance to the call for papers;

• placement and relevance of the research in the historiographical field;

• relevance, completeness, originality of the sources used and ability to enhance them;

• novelty of the results achieved.

8. The Prize "Claudio Pavone" will be assigned at the sole discretion of the aforementioned Commission. It will be awarded to the winning research during the Cantieri della Resistenza (‘Workshop of Resistence’) to be held in Milan, at Casa della Memoria (‘House of Memory’), from 30 November to 1 December 2023. This year's edition of the Cantieri will be dedicated to the theme "From the Wars of Fascism to the Resistance." On the occasion, the author(s) of the award-winning research will be required to publicly present their, his or her research.

9. The winning research will be published by Viella publisher in the series of the National Institute "Ferruccio Parri." As stipulated in the regulations of the series, the research will be published subject to external refereeing (peer review).

10. For information write to, including in the subject line of the email the words: "Pavone Prize Announcement."

Milan, May 24, 2023 | Prot. n. B4/547 President Prof. Paolo Pezzino