For a new Anarchist Center in Lisbon (Portugal)

Fundraising campaign

Three collectives that belong to the history of Portuguese anarchism – Centro de Cultura Libertária, BOESG (library) and A Batalha (newspaper) – got together to buy a new Anarchist Center in the Lisbon region: a common space, open to old and new collectives, that will rid us, once and for all, of the pressure brought about by gentrification and real estate. The new Anarchist Center will be a social center but will also host the relevant archives and libraries of the three collectives. In the coming months, we will be hosting a massive fundraising campaign, and we are asking for the contribution of all persons and collectives solidary to the anarchist cause.




For a new Anarchist Center in Lisbon!

The space that the Centro de Cultura Libertária (CCL) has occupied and rented for almost 50 years is again in danger. The continuous pressure exerted by gentrification and the real estate market, which has lead to the eviction of so many people and associations and forced them to leave the city centers, targets the CCL again, this time with definitive force: after years of threats and eviction processes that we resisted, in March 2024, the CCL will have to definitively leave its historic headquarters in Cacilhas (Almada, Portugal).

We want a space that serves not only the CCL but also the Portuguese anarchist community, a space protected from new threats of eviction, that belongs to us. For this reason, the collective of the centenarian newspaper A Batalha and the collective of the Observatório dos Estragos da Sociedade Organizada Library (BOESG) decided to join their efforts with the CCL for the acquisition of a joint space that would be a new Anarchist Center in the Lisbon area. This will be a space that houses the CCL library, archive and bookshop, as well as the important collections of BOESG and A Batalha; a space for the diffusion and protection of anarchist culture that has as its objective the recovery and protection of memory, a meeting place to promote anarchist ideas; a space open to new and old collectives that want to make use of it.

In the coming months, we will multiply fundraising initiatives and call on all charitable people and collectives to contribute through donations, holding events and publicising the campaign. We know that we have a difficult task ahead of us, but we believe that through the strength of many, working together and through anarchist solidarity, we will be able to bring this idea to a successful conclusion.

Bank account details for donations:
IBAN: PT50003501790000215493029




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