Socialist ideas of Europe in the world - 1871 to 1968

Event, 14 June 2024

Friday 14 June 2024 9.00am to 6.00pm hosted by the Department of International History

The issue of a distinct left-wing international vision seems relatively overlooked in contemporary academic work and politics, with profound implications for public life. 

Weighed down by its international contradictions, Europe is ill-prepared to grapple with illiberalism, climate breakdown, war, and migration in a coherent- let alone leftist- manner. 

This conference aims to reflect on how socialist thinkers in the 80 years between the Paris Commune and the explosion of the New Left tried to shape a distinctly international outlook and devise a new role for Europe in a changing world. 

The keynote address will be delivered by Professor Donald Sassoon (QMUL).


  • Matt Broomfield (Journalist, Rojava Information Center) - Roundtable Discussant
  • Udeepta Chakravarty (NSSR) 
  • Lorenzo Costaguta (Bristol)
  • Nick Devlin (LSE) 
  • Dr Dina Gusejnova (LSE) - CHAIR/ORGANISER
  • David Klemperer (QMUL)
  • Charles C. H. Lee (ACADEMIA SINICA) 
  • Marzia Maccaferri (QMUL) - Roundtable Discussant
  • Marius S. Ostrowski (Nottingham)
  • Dr Andrea Pisauro (Plymouth)
  • Lucas Poy (Vrije U., Amsterdam) 
  • Tanroop Sandhu (QMUL) - CHAIR/ORGANISER
  • Charlie Thomas (QMUL)
  • Francesca Tortorella (Lille) 
  • Edoardo Vaccari (LSE) - CHAIR/ORGANISER
  • Rida Vaquas (Editor, Oneworld Publications) - Roundtable Discussant
  • Helen Williams (East Anglia) 
  • Alexander Zevin (CUNY)
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