News 2009

TOC: Amsab newsletter 2009:7 (Dutch text)
Book Review
Ann: a conference in Florianópolis, Oct 2010
Appel pour interventions, Paris, Avril 2010
CFP: a conference in Manchester, March 2010
Newsletter 2009:28 (Italian text)
CFP: Arbetarhistoria and Arbejderhistorie
CFP: a workshop in Göttingen, June 2010
New items on the IISH website in November 2009
Ann: AAMOD events, 30 Nov-12 Dec
Book ann: Espíritu Libertario
CFP: a workshop in Amsterdam, June 2010
Book ann: University of Washington Press
Ann: a walk in Manchester, 28 November
CFP: NALHC, Detroit, October 2010
TOC: issue 2009:8 (Dutch text)
CFP: a conference in Leeds, March 2010
Ann: an event at AAMOD (Italian text)