Social and Labour History News

Financial problem remains
News bulletin of the BDIC
Guide to the CISL records
Archivio Pinelli conference
Talk in Manchester on March 9
Labour history sites added in February 2000
ESTER 2000 seminars on economic and social history
Review: Joyce Burnette reconsiders Ivy Pinchbeck
Interdisciplinary conference in Columbus, OH
Conference on comparative communist biography
Review: Johanna Granville on 'Soviet Military Intervention in Hungary'
Review: Daniel Hamilton on Amy Dru Stanley
Bibliography on US clothing and textile unions
New essays on the Austrian anarchist
Conference on 'Solidarités internationales'
Review: Richard Greenwald on Clare Wightman
'Revue d'Histoire littéraire' special issue
Proceedings of the 'Tiempos de Silencio' conference
'Anarchist Studies' special issue
Review: Nellie Ohr on Sheila Fitzpatrick


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