Social and Labour History News

Review: Daniel Hamilton on Amy Dru Stanley
Bibliography on US clothing and textile unions
New essays on the Austrian anarchist
Conference on 'Solidarités internationales'
Review: Richard Greenwald on Clare Wightman
'Revue d'Histoire littéraire' special issue
Proceedings of the 'Tiempos de Silencio' conference
'Anarchist Studies' special issue
Review: Nellie Ohr on Sheila Fitzpatrick
Review: Thomas Jepsen on Arwen Mohun
Improved access to 1º de Mayo collection
International Centre for Labour Studies program
PhD research in the Modern Records Centre
Dieter Schuster's chronology on the Web
New Mailbase discussion list
Working papers by Mark Harrison
On Carlo Rosselli, Turati letters
Review: Stanley Engerman reconsiders Max Weber
Conference at the University of Glamorgan
CFP: 'IRSH' special issue


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