CfP: A Historical Casebook of Wage Formation: Wage determination and wage bargains of the pre industrial world

CfP for an edited collection

Luca Mocarelli (University of Milan – Bicocca)
Giulio Ongaro (University of Milan – Bicocca)
Judy Stephenson (UCL)

We welcome paper proposals for above edited collection to be (provisionally) published by Palgrave in late 2024.


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Marx and Le Capital: Evaluation, History, Reception

A Newly Published Book!

Marx and Le Capital: Evaluation, History, Reception
Edited by Marcello Musto

Assembling a new generation of interpreters and established scholars, Marcello Musto offers us a profoundly new vision of Marx’s critique of political economy, showing how much the anti-colonial and universal dimension of Capital – that is becoming widely recognized nowadays – owes to its French translation.
Jacques Bidet


CfP: Journal for the History of Environment and Society: Special issue ‘Science and Environmental Activism’

The Journal for the History of Environment and Society (JHES) aims to be a leading online and open-access periodical that covers all aspects of environmental history conceived in its broadest sense. The journal encourages high-quality scholarship which focuses on relations between environmental changes and social-historical context. Interregional and international comparative articles receive special attention.