Institut d'Etudes Avancées de Saint-Louis du Sénégal

Renewed website

The Institute of Advanced Studies in Saint-Louis in Senegal, created in 2016, has now launched a new website at

Welcome to IEA Saint-Louis in Senegal

IEA invites you to the dynamic urban city of Saint-Louis that sits 279 km to the north of Dakar. Novelist Ousmane Socé Diop says this three-hundred-year-old city of Saint-Louis in Senegal is recognizably “the centre of Senegalese elegance and taste”. A visit to Saint-Louis in Senegal takes you into a very dynamic universe of culture with a picturesque and calm side perfect for writing and research retreats.

IEA Saint-Louis’s creed is to be a centre of excellence for rethinking Africa and the world. This commitment comes from the spirit in Senegal’s new policy for higher education and research, a policy adopted on 13th August 2013 to leverage socio-economic development and be a factor for Africa’s integration.

For more information on the Institute and its programme, please see the attached pdf or visit the website.


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