News 2007

Ann: a conference at the BDIC, 12 March
CFP: a series of conferences in France
News update, Feb 2007
Ann: film screening in New York, 9 March
Review: DenBeste on Ransel
Book ann: Canadian Committee on Labour History
Ann: Canadian Labour History Workshop, 27 May
Ann: Roundtable in Durham, 26 April 2007
Ann: colloque à Toulon-Var, 21-23 mars 2007
Call for applications, F. Gramsci Torino
CFP: a conference in Paris, April 2008
Programme of the celebration, 10 March
Review: Brinkmann on Schauff (in German)
TOC: Bollettino n. 28 (in Italian)
Ann: symposium in Stuttgart, 2 March (in German)
CFP: North American Labor History Conference
Bulletin of the Fundación Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
New items on the IISH website in January 2007
CFP: SSHA 2007 meeting: labor network
Ann: the opening of three new collections