News 2008

Book ann: University of Illinois Press
Ann: a conference in Bern and Lausanne, 2-3 May
Ann: Dresden, 3-5 October
Review: Creagh on D'Errico
Book ann: Editions du Coquelicot
TOC: issue nr 15
Ann: Studiedag, Brussel 29 mei (in Dutch)
Ann: the winning books and articles
Ann: a lecture series in Mainz, April-Aug 2008
Ann: Kenny Prize Lecture 2008
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
Review: Feest on Schedewie, Gaudin, Litzinger (in German)
Online reviews, February 2008 (in German)
Online reviews, Dec 2007 - Jan 2008 (in German)
Ann: collection highlights, uniques and new acquisitions
Ann: a book presentation in Milan, 27 March
Ann: Informerar 2008:1
CFP: Buenos Aires, Oct-Nov 2008
TOC: issue 2008:3 (Dutch text)
Ann: Boletín de actividades no 6