News 2008

Ann: Swedish labour history prize winner
CFP: a workshop in Liverpool 7 May 2008
Report of the 2007 meeting (in Spanish)
TOC: issue 2008:4 (Dutch text)
Ann: a workshop in Leipzig, 5-6 May
Ann: a seminar at ARAB, 7 May (in Swedish)
Book ann: Univ. de Toulouse-Le Mirail
Ann: a seminar in Urbino, 8 May (in Italian)
Ann: Thirsk-Feinstein Dissertation Prize
Review: Zirakzadeh on Robbins
Two reviews (in German)
CFP: a conference at Harvard University, Nov 2008
Ann: Kenny Prize Lecture 2007
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
Review: Grüne on Lesemann and Lubinski (in German)
Newsletter 2008:6 (in Italian)
Book ann: Freedom Press