News 2008

Review: Holmig on Cohn-Bendit, ed. (in German)
Review: Roberts on Bao
Review: Bulgakowa on Rüthers (in German)
Review: Beyrau on Pollock (in German)
Review: Rubí on Smith
Book ann: University of Illinois Press
Review: Mendonça on Segrillo
CFP: a conference panel, Ontario, Sep 2008
CFP: a conference in Rethymno, Dec 2008
Ann: a celebration of her life, 5 April
Ann: new website
CFP: a conference in Pomona, 15-17 May
Book ann: The Fondazione Turati (in Italian)
TOC: Vol 49 nr 2 (February 2008)
Bulletin of the Fundación Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
CFP: ISA forum, Barcelona, Sep 2008
Ann: new KSL publications
Book ann: Peter lang
New items on the IISH website in January 2008