2000 - 3 (December)

Articles in this issue

Self-Help Criminality as Resistance? Currency Counterfeiting in Colonial Nigeria

Pages: 385 - 407

Repertories of Coercion and Market Culture in Nineteenth-Century Buenos Aires Province

Pages: 409 - 448

Women, Other "Fresh" Workers, and the New Manufacturing Workforce of Interwar Britain

Pages: 449 - 474

Review Essay

Brassed Off: The Question of Labouw Unfreedom Revisited

Pages: 475 - 485

Book review, by Hendrik Defoort

Consumers against Capitalism? Consumer Cooperation in Europe, North Amerika and Japan, 1840-1990

Pages: 487 - 488

Book review, by Stefan Berger

Red Flag and Union Jack. Englishness, Patriotism and the British Left, 1991-1924

Pages: 488 - 492

Book review, by Dick van Lente

Das Zeitalter der Nervosität. Deutschland zwischen Bismark und Hitler

Pages: 492 - 495

Book review, by Eberhard Kolb

Vom Weltkrieg zum Bürgerkrieg? Politischer Extremismus in Deutschland und Frankreich 1918-1933/39. Berlin und Paris im Vergleich

Pages: 495 - 497

Book review, by Val Marie Johnson

Enlisting Women for the Cause: Women, Labour and the Left in Canada, 1890-1920

Pages: 497 - 499

Book review, by Jason McDonald

Holding Aloft the Banner of Ethiopia. Carribean Radicalism in Early Twentieth-Century America

Pages: 500 - 502

Book review, by Tobias Mulot

Unterm Hakenkreuz. Arbeiter und Arbeiterbewegung 1933 bis 1939

Pages: 502 - 506

Book review, by Vojtech Mastny

Der polnische Parteistaat und seine politischen Gegner, 1944-1956

Pages: 506 - 507

Book review, by Ray Markey

Social Pertnership at Work. Workplace relations in post-unification Germany

Pages: 507 - 509

Book review, by Michiel Baud

Peasants on Plantations. SUbaltern Strategies of Labor and Resistance in the Pisco Valley, Peru

Pages: 509 - 512


Pages: 513 - 544