2001 - 1 (April)

Articles in this issue

The Geography of Time and Labor in the Late Antebellum American Rusal South: Fin-de-Servitude Time-Consciousness, Contested Labor, and Plantation Capitalism

Pages: 1 - 27

Pawning in German Working-lass Life Before the First World War

Pages: 29 - 44

Rational Choice and a Lifetime in Metal Mining: Employment Decisions by Nineteenth-Century Cornish Miners

Pages: 45 - 75

Book review, by Lucien van der Walt

A people's history of the world

Pages: 77 - 79

Book review, by David Levine

The Mathus Factor. Population, Pverty and Politics in Capitalist Development

Pages: 79 - 82

Book review, by Michael R. Krätke

Kapital.doc. Das Kapital von Marx in Schaubildern mit Kommentaren von Elman Altvater, Rolf Hecker, Michael Heinrich und Petra Schaper-Rinkel

Pages: 82 - 84

Book review, by Gert Oostindie

From Slavery to Freedom: Comparative Studies in the Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery

Pages: 84 - 86

Book review, by Kenneth Lunn

Nationalism, Labour and Ethnicity 1870-1939

Pages: 86 - 88

Book review, by Jan Kok

Migration and mobility in Britain since the eighteenth century

Pages: 88 - 91

Book review, by Fred E. Schrader

Revolutionary Demands. A Content Analysis of the Cahiers de Doléances of 1789

Pages: 91 - 93

Book review, by Jaap Kloosterman

Les Sources maçonniques du socialisme français 1848-1871

Pages: 93 - 94

Book review, by Koen Goudriaan

Gilden im mittelalterlichen Skandinavien

Pages: 94 - 98

Book review, by Christiane Harzig

Whiteness of a Different Color. European Immigrants and the Alchemy of Race

Pages: 98 - 100

Book review, by Kees Mandemakers

Unwilling Idlers: The Urban Unemployed and Their Families in Late Victorian Canada

Pages: 100 - 103

Book review, by Brinsley Samaroo

Fragments of Empire. Capital, Slavery and Indian Indentured Labor Migration in the British Caribbean

Pages: 103 - 105

Book review, by Consuelo Naranjo Orovio

Bread, or Bullets! Urban Labor and Spanish Colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898

Pages: 105 - 107

Book review, by Marcus Klein

Las Derechas. Te Extreme Right in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, 1890-1939

Pages: 108 - 110