2001 - 2 (August)

Articles in this issue

Book review, by Consuelo Naranjo Orovio

Bread, or Bullets! Urban Labor and Spanish Colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898

Pages: 105 - 107

Book review, by Ulbe Bosma

Women and Labour in Late Coloial India. The Bengal Jute Industry

Pages: 108 - 110

Class, Caste and Gender among Cashew Workers in the South Indian State of Kerala, 1930-2000

Pages: 155 - 184

Race, Gender and NAtional Identu=ity in the American and British Telephone Industries

Pages: 185 - 205

"Cheap and Nasty": German Goods, Socialism, and the 1876 Philadelphia World Fair

Pages: 207 - 226


Studies on Anticlericalism in Contemporary Spain

Pages: 227 - 255

Book review, by Chris Lorenz

Der historische Vergleich. Eine Enführung zum 19. und 20. Jahrhundert

Pages: 257 - 260

Book review, by Peter Friedmann

Le système social de Rousseau. de l'inégalité économique l'inégalité politique

Pages: 260 - 261

Book review, by Jan Lucassen

De l'esclavage du salariat. Économie historique du salariat bridé

Pages: 261 - 263

Book review, by Gijs Kessler

Proto-Industrialisierung in Rußland. Wirtshaft, Herschaft und Kultur in Ivanovo und Pavlovo, 1741-1932

Pages: 263 - 265

Book review, by Michael David-Fox

The Collective and the Individual in Russia. A Study og Practices

Pages: 265 - 268

Book review, by Willy Buschak

Gewerkschaftsinternationalismus und die Herausforderung der Globalisierung. Das Beispiel der Internationalen Transportarbeiterföderation (ITF)

Pages: 269 - 271

Book review, by Clive Emsley

Feminist Freikorps. The British VOluntary Women Police, 1914-1940

Pages: 271 - 273

Book review, by John Callaghan

Under the Red Flag. A History of Communism in Britin, c. 1849-1991

Pages: 273 - 275

Book review, by David Brody

Battling for American Labor. Wobblies, Craft Workers and the Making of the Union Movement

Pages: 275 - 277

Book review, by Norman Caulfield

Popular Movements and State Formation in Revolutionary Mexico. The Agraristas and Criteros of Michoacán

Pages: 277 - 280

Book review, by D.H.A. Kolff

Die Erzeugung kolonialer Staatlichkeit und das Problem der Arbeit. Eine Studie zur Sozialgeschichte der Stadt Madras und uhres Hinterlandes zwischen 1750 und 1800

Pages: 280 - 281