2002 - 2 (August)

Articles in this issue

Reconsidering the East St Louis Race Riot of 1917

Pages: 187 - 212

Relinking Work and Leisure in Late Victorian and Edwardian England: The Emergence of a Police Subculture

Pages: 213 - 241

Migration and Networks in Early Modern Kyoto, Japan

Pages: 243 - 259

Research Note

Evidence for Thailand's Missing Social History: Thai Women in Old Mural Paintings

Pages: 261 - 275

Review Essay

A Century of International Trade Unionism

Pages: 277 - 289

Book review, by Chris Lorenz

New Methods for Social History

Pages: 291 - 295

Book review, by Arthur Mitzman

Victor Considerant and the Rise and Fall of French Romantic Socialism

Pages: 295 - 299

Book review, by Paul Kielstra

French Anti-Slavery. The Monument for the Abolition of Slavery in France, 1802-1848

Pages: 299 - 301

Book review, by Angélique Janssens

Zwischen Arbeit, Spiel und Schule. Die ökonomische Funktion der Kinder ärmerer Schichten in Österreich 1880-1939

Pages: 302 - 304

Book review, by Alexandre Fortes

The Sweat of Their Brow: A History of Work in Latin America

Pages: 304 - 307

Book review, by Mamadou Diouf

Paths of Accomodation. Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania

Pages: 307 - 308

Book review, by Seth Wigderson

Reinventing Free Labor, Padrones and Immigrant Workers in the North American West, 1880-1930

Pages: 309 - 311

Book review, by Eric Taplin

British Capital, Antipodean Labour. Working the New Zealand Waterfront, 1915-1951

Pages: 311 - 313

Book review, by Anna Lindberg

Social Mobility in Kerala. Modernity and Identity in Conflict

Pages: 313 - 316