2002 - 3 (December)

Articles in this issue


Political Idenitity and Worker Politics: Silk and Metalworkers in Lyon, 1900-1914

Pages: 375 - 406

Research Note

Ottoman Guilds as a Setting for Ethno-Religious Conflict: The Case of the Silk-thread Spinners' Guild in Istanbul

Pages: 407 - 420

Suggestions and Debates

Page: 421

Anthropology, Family History, and the Concept of Strategy

Pages: 421 - 452

Labour Strategies of Families: A Critical Assessment of an Appealing Concept

Pages: 453 - 464

The Challenge of Strategy: A Comment

Pages: 465 - 485

Book review, by Peter Hoppenbrouwers

At the Dawn of Modernity. Biology, Culture and Material Life in Europe after the Year 1000

Pages: 487 - 490

Book review, by Martha Howell

Overleven na de dood. Weduwen in Leiden in de Gouden Eeuw.

Pages: 491 - 494

Book review, by Dietmar Rothermund

The Transition to a Colonial Economy. Weavers, Merchants and Kings in South India 1720-1800

Pages: 496 - 498

Book review, by Stephen T. Ziliak

Wages and Labor Markets in the United States,1820-1860

Pages: 496 - 499

Book review, by Hans de Waardt

The Reform of Time. Magic and Modernity

Pages: 499 - 501

Book review, by Robert H. Zieger

Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21

Pages: 501 - 502

Book review, by Ulbe Bosma

The Politics of Labour in the British Caribbean: The Social Original of Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Labour Movement

Pages: 502 - 504

Book review, by John Callaghan

History in the Making. Raymond Williams, Edward Thompson and Radical Intellectuals 1936-1956

Pages: 504 - 505

Book review, by Joan Casanovas

Cuban Anarchism. The History of a Movement

Pages: 506 - 507

Book review, by Marcus Klein

To Be a Worker. Identity and Politics in Peru

Pages: 507 - 509