2003 - 1 (January)

Articles in this issue

  • Introduction: A Label Designed to Libel versus Mimetic Modeling and Parthenogenesis
    Pages: 1 - 14
  • Routinization of the New Russians?
    Pages: 15 - 36
  • The Wages of Syncretism: Folkloric New Russians and Post-Soviet Popular Culture
    Pages: 37 - 53
  • New Russians as a Cultural Myth
    Pages: 54 - 71
  • Russian Neoliberal: The Entrepreneurial Ethic and the Spirit of "True Careerism"
    Pages: 72 - 90
  • Imaginations of Destructions: The "Forest Question" in Nineteenth-Century Russian Culture
    Pages: 91 - 118
  • Briusov and the Healing Art: Northern Nature in "Na granitakh"
    Pages: 119 - 131
  • Emancipation of the Unveiled: Turkmen Women under Soviet Rule, 1924-29
    Pages: 132 - 149
  • [Book Review by Mari A. Firkatian]
    Armenian Folk Arts, Culture and Identity
    Page: 150
  • [Book Review by Alexandar Mihailovic]
    Kategoriia sobornosti v russkoi literature
    Page: 151
  • [Book Review by Irina Reyfman]
    The High Stakes of Identity: Gambling in the Life and Literature of Nineteenth-Century Russia
    Page: 152
  • [Book Review by Elizabeth Kridl Valkenier]
    Russsian Genre Painting in the Nineteenth Century
    Page: 153
  • [Book Review by Stanley Rabinowitz]
    By Authors Possessed: The Demonic Novel in Russia
    Page: 154
  • [Book Review by Edith W. Clowes]
    Dostoevsky the Thinker
    Pages: 155 - 156
  • [Book Review by Richard D. Sylvester]
    Sergei Rachmaninoff: A Lifetime of Music
    Page: 157
  • [Book Review by Laura Engelstein]
    Writing the Siege of Leningrad: Women's Diaries, Memoirs and Documentarry Prose
    Page: 158
  • [Book Review by Wendy Slater]
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Ascent from Ideology
    Page: 159
  • [Book Review by Alexandra Kostina]
    Russian Pulp: The Detektiv and the Russian Way of Crime
    Page: 160
  • [Book Review by Evgeny Dobrenko]
    Sovremennaia russkaia literatura: Novyi uchebnik po literature v 3-kh knigakh
    Pages: 161 - 162
  • [Book Review by Nathaniel Davis]
    Russia and Soul: An Exploration
    Page: 163
  • [Book Review by Alexander M. Martin]
    In Search of Legality: Mikhail M. Speranskii and the Codification of Russian Law
    Page: 163
  • [Book Review, by Theophilus C. Prousis]
    Russo-Greek Papers, 1863-1874
    Page: 164
  • [Book Review by Michael F. Hamm]
    Second Metropolis: Pragmatic Pluralism in Gilded Age Chicago, Silver Age Moscow, and Meiji Osaka
    Page: 165
  • [Book Review by Barbara Evans Clements]
    Russian and Westt European Women, 1860-1939: Dreams, Struggles and Nightmares
    Page: 166
  • [Book Review by Brian Horowitz]
    From Nationalism to Universalism: Vladimir (Zeév) Jabotinsky and the Ukrainian Question
    Pages: 167 - 168
  • [Book Review by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa]
    Voices of Revolution, 1917
    Page: 169
  • [Book Review by Amy E. Randall]
    Women at the Gates: Gender and Industry in Stalin's Russia
    Page: 170
  • [Book Review by Rosalin Latiner Raby]
    Stalin's School: Moscow's Model School No. 25, 1931-1937
    Page: 171
  • [Book Review by David Brandenberger]
    The Cult of Ivan the Terrible in Stalin's Russia
    Pages: 172 - 173
  • [Book Review by Eric Lohr]
    On the Horns of a Dilemma: The Story of the Ukrainian Division Halychnya
    Page: 174
  • [Book Review by Robert W. Thurston]
    Stalinist Reconstruction and the Confirmation of a New Elite, 1945-1953
    Page: 175
  • [Book Review by Graeme Gill]
    The Gulag Survivor: Beyond the Soviet System
    Page: 176
  • [Book Review by Gerald M. Easter]
    Russia: Inventing the Nation
    Page: 177
  • [Book Review by Paul W. Werth]
    Imperial and National Identities and Pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and Post-Soviet Russua
    Page: 178
  • [Book Review by Douglas Northrop]
    Gesture, Genderr, Nation: Dance and Social Change in Uzbekistan
    Page: 179
  • [Book Review by Nina Perlina]
    Red Blues: Voices from the Last Wave of Russian Immigrants
    Pages: 180 - 181
  • [Book Review by Robert Barylski]
    Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
    Page: 182
  • [Book Review by Roger E. Kanet]
    Yeltsin's Russia and the West
    Page: 183
  • [Book Review by Henry Reichman]
    Soviet Railways to Russian Railways
    Page: 183
  • [Book Review by Richard E. Ericson]
    Business and the State in Contemporary Russia
    Pages: 184 - 185
  • [Book Review by Vladimir Gel'man]
    The Kaliningrad Question
    Page: 186