2003 - 2 (August )

Articles in this issue

Bolshevizing Communist Parties: The Algerian and South African Experiences

Pages: 167 - 202

Private Matters Become Public: Western European Communist Exiles and Emigrants in Stalinist Russia in the 1930s

Pages: 203 - 224

"Friendly Spirit, Comradeship, and Good-Natured Fun": Adventures in Socialist Internationalism

Pages: 225 - 244

Managing The White-Collar Union: Salaried Staff, Trade-Union Leadership, and the Politics of Organized Labour in Postwar Britain, c.1950-1968

Pages: 245 - 272

Book Review by Wilfried Reininghaus

Corporatieve middengroepen. Aspiraties, relaties en transformaties in de 16de-eeuwse Gentse ambachtswereld

Pages: 273 - 275

Book Review by Keith Nield

British Society, 1680-1880. Dynamism, Containment and Change

Pages: 275 - 278

Book Review by Ahlrich Meyer

Etienne Cabet und seine Ikarische Kolonie. Sein Weg vom Linksliberalen zum Kommunisten und seine Kolonie in Dastellung und Dokumentation

Pages: 278 - 281

Book Review by Elaine A. Reynolds

The Making of a Policeman. A Social History of a Labour Force in Metropolitan London, 1829-1914

Pages: 281 - 283

Book Review by Sabine Kienitz

The War Come Home. Disabled Veterans in Britain and Germany, 1914-1939

Pages: 283 - 286

Book Review by Sigrid Koch-Baumgarten

Edo Fimmen. Der schöne Traum von Europa und die Globalisierung. Eine Biografie

Pages: 286 - 287

Book Review by Ursula Langkau-Alex

Im Kampf um die deutsche Republik. Erinnerungen eines Sozialdemokraten

Pages: 287 - 290

Book Review by Richard J. Walter

The Landowners of the Argentine Pampas. A Social and Political History 1860-1945

Pages: 290 - 293

Book Review by Joseph A. McCartin

Devided We Stand. American Workers and the Struggle for Black Equality

Pages: 293 - 296

Book Review by John H.M. Laslett

Anaconda. Labor, Community, and Culture in Montana's Smelter City

Pages: 296 - 297

Book Review by Dick Kooiman

Remembering Partition. Violence, Nationalism and History in India

Pages: 297 - 300