2003 - 3 (December)

Articles in this issue

Special Theme: Twentieth-Century Iran: History from Below. Introduction

Pages: 353 - 359

Social Engineering and the Contradictions of Modernization in Khuzestan's Company Towns: A Look at Abadan and Masjed-Soleyman

Pages: 361 - 399

Disgruntled Guests: Iranian Subaltern on the Margins of the Tsarist Empire

Pages: 401 - 426

The Brickworkers of Khatunabad: A Striking Record (1953-1979)

Pages: 427 - 455

Democracy and Historiographies of Organized Labour in Zimbabwe

Pages: 457 - 471

Mutiny in Comparative Perspective

Pages: 473 - 482

Book Review by Erik Kimball

Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England. A Study in International Trade and Economic Development

Pages: 483 - 484

Book Review by Jan Kok

When Dad Died. Individuals and Families Coping with Family Stress in Past Societies

Pages: 484 - 486

Book Review by Mats Greiff

An Irish Working Class. Explorations in Political Economy and Hegemony, 1800-1950

Pages: 487 - 489

Book Review by Michael R. Krätke

Briefe 1908-1939. Ed. by Michael Buckmiller, Michael Prat and Meike G. Werner.

Pages: 489 - 492

Book Review by Michael R. Krätke

Briefe 1940-1958. Ed. by Michael Buckmiller and Michel Prat

Pages: 489 - 492

Book Review by Arif Dirlik

China's Communist Revolutions. Fifty Years of The People's Republic of China.

Pages: 493 - 494

Book Review by Arif Dirlik

The Chinese Revolution in the 1920s. Between triumph and disaster

Pages: 493 - 494

Book Review by Gijs Kessler

Soviet Workers and Late Stalinism. Labour and the Restoration of the Stalinist System after World War II

Pages: 494 - 496

Book Review by Mario Kessler

Antisemitismus von links. Kommunistische Ideologie, Nationalismus und Antizionismus in der frühen DDR

Pages: 497 - 499

Book Review by E. Patricia Tsurumi

The Silk Weavers of Kyoto. Family and Work in a Changing Traditional Industry

Pages: 500 - 502

Book Review by Michiel Baud

Vanguard Revolutionaries in Latin America. Peru, Colombia, Mexico

Pages: 502 - 504