1993 - 2 (August)

Articles in this issue

Critical Theory, Historical Materialism, and the Ostensible End of Marxism: The Poverty of Theory Revisited

Pages: 133 - 162

Searching for Lost Archives: New documentation on the pillage of trade union archives and libraries by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (1938-1941) and on the fate of trade union documents in the postwar era

Pages: 163 - 207

Review Essay

A Blind Spot: Migratory and Travelling Groups in Western European Historiography

Pages: 209 - 235

Review Essay

The Evolution of Industrial Conflict in Scandinavia

Pages: 237 - 243

Book Review by Maarten Prak

Plain Lives in a Golden Age. Popular culture, religion and society in seventeenth-century Holland

Pages: 245 - 247

Book Review by Stephanie Coontz

Home and Work. Housework, Wages, and the Ideology of Labor in the Early Republic

Pages: 247 - 252

Book Review by Flemming Christiansen

The Origins of the First United Front in China: The Role of Sneevliet

Pages: 253 - 256

Book Review by Sidney Pollard

Arbeiterkultur im gesellschaftlichen Konflikt. Die englische Music Hall im 19. Jahrhundert

Pages: 256 - 258

Book Review by Siegfried Mattl

Red Vienna. Experiment in Working-Class Culture 1919-1934

Pages: 258 - 260


Pages: 261 - 267

News of the Profession

Pages: 289 - 295