2007 - supplement 15

Articles in this issue

Humour and Social Past: An Introduction

Pages: 1 - 20

The Funny Side of Globalization: Humour and Humanity in Zapatista Framing

Pages: 21 - 34

"Cartooning Capitalism": Radical Cartooning and the Making of American Popular Radicalism in the Early Twentieth Century

Pages: 35 - 58

Revolution in a Comic Strip: Gasparazzo and the Identity of Southern Migrants in Turin, 1969-1975

Pages: 59 - 75

Urban Laughter as a "Counter-Public" Sphere in Augsburg: The Case of the City Mayor, Jakob Herbrot (1490/95-1564)

Pages: 77 - 93

"A Little Discource Pro & Con": Levelling Lauhgter and Its Puritan Criticism

Pages: 95 - 113

Humour as a Guerilla Tactic: The West German Student Movement's Mockery of the Establishment

Pages: 115 - 132

Antagonism, Absurdity, and the Avant-Garde: Dismantling Soviet Oppression through the Use of Theatrical Devices by Poland's "Orange" Solidarity Movement

Pages: 133 - 151

"A Laughter That Will Bury You All": Irony as Protest and Language as Struggle in the Italian 1977 Movement

Pages: 153 - 168

Queering Laughter in the Stockholm Pride Parade

Pages: 169 - 187

Bitter Movements and Bursts Soap Bubbles: Irony, Parody, and Satire in the Oral-Literary Tradition of Finnish Working-Class Youth at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Pages: 189 - 207

Jokes in a Garment Workshop in Hanoi: How Does Humour Foster the Perception of Community in Social Movements?

Pages: 209 - 223

Fighting a Different Enemy: Social Protests against Authority in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I

Pages: 225 - 241

The Role of Humour in the Process of Collective Identity Formation in Autonomous Social Movement Groups in Contemporary Madrid

Pages: 243 - 258

"Doing Something Silly": The Uses of Humour by the Women's Social and Political Union, 1903-1914

Pages: 259 - 274

Humour in Nazi Germany: Resistance and Propaganda? The Popular Desire for an All-Embracing Laughter

Pages: 275 - 290

Humour and Protest: Jokes under Communism

Pages: 291 - 305