2008 - 1 (April)

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The Politics of Workers' Contention: The 1999 Mayora Strike in Tangerang, West Java

Page: 36

From Class to Culture: Immigration, Recession, and Daily Ethnic Boundaries in Belgium, 1940s-1990s

Page: 62

Class, Nation, and Capitalist Globalization: Eric Hobsbawm and the National Question

Page: 100

Were Concentration Camp Prisoners Slaves?: The Possibilities and Limits of Comparative History and Global Historical Perspectives

Page: 130

Book Review by William A. Pelz

Exploring Marx' Capital. Philosophical, Economic and Political Dimensions

Pages: 131 - 132

Book Review by Michael M. Hall

The Future of Class in History. What's left of the Social?

Pages: 133 - 134

Book Review by Neville Kirk

Reinventing "The People". The Progressive Movement, the Class Problem, and the Origins of Modern Liberalism.

Pages: 135 - 137

Book Review by Timothy B. Weston

Intellectuals in Revolutionary China, 1921-1949. Leaders, heroes and sophisticates

Pages: 137 - 139

Book Review by Touraj Atabaki

Bourdieu's Secret Admirer in the Caucasus. A World-System Biography

Pages: 140 - 143

Book Review by Chitra Joshi

Labour Bondage in West India from Past to Present

Pages: 143 - 145

Book Review by Jan-Bart Gewald

Carriers of Culture. Labor on the Road in Nineteenth-Century East Africa

Pages: 145 - 147

Book Review by G. Roger Knight

Violence and Colonial Dialogue. The Australian-Pacific Indentured Labor Trade

Pages: 147 - 150


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Notes and Contributors

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