2010 - 3 (December)

Articles in this issue

The Brazilian and Italian Labor Courts: Comparative Notes

Pages: 381 - 413

State-Led Agricultural Intensification and Rural Labour Relations: The Case of the Lilongwe Land Development Programme in Malawi, 1968-1981

Pages: 413 - 447

Of Tubs and Toil: Kohler Workers in an Empire of Hygiene, 1920-2000

Pages: 447 - 484

Fordism and Unfree Labour: Aspects of the Work Deployment of Concentration Camp Prisoners in German Industry between 1941 and 1944

Pages: 485 - 514

The Global Proletariat after the Model of the Doubly Free Wage Labourer?

Pages: 515 - 528

Book Review by Jeffrey Brooks

Creating the "New Man". From Enlightment Ideals to Socialist Realities

Pages: 529 - 531

Book Review by Ulbe Bosma

Sweet Tyranny. Migrant Labor, Industrial Agriculture, and Imperial Politics

Pages: 531 - 532

Book Review by Anna Tijsseling

Lost Intimacies. Rethinking Homosexuality under National Socialism

Pages: 532 - 534

Book Review by Zachary Lockman

Life as Politics. How Ordinary Peolple Change the Middle East

Pages: 534 - 537

Book Review by Marina de Regt

Cultures of Servitude. Modernity, Domesticity, and Class in India

Pages: 537 - 540