Social and Labour History News

CFP: conference in Johannesburg, SA, 20-22 Oct 2005
Ann: new website
Review: Ruffley on Kozlov
Review: Umland on Brandenberger
Review: Benner on Hudis and Anderson
Review: Roth on Kupfer, Wolfrum
CFP: conference in Yogyakarta, December 2005
Book ann: Piero Lacaita Editore
Book ann: Piero Lacaita Editore
Review: King on Getzler
Sydney, 30 June-2 July 2005
New issue (13:1 2005)
CFP: conference in Saratov, September 2005
International Colloquium in Ghent, September 2005
Book ann: AG SPAK Verlag
Review: McVeigh on Wallerstein
New publications
CFP: conference in Nottingham, January 2006
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