Social and Labour History News

Review: Halbwidl on Steidl
Ann: winners of the 2004 Competition
Ann: new discussionlist
Conference, Reggio Emilia, 28 May 2005
Book ann: Peter Lang
Review: Withington on Hay and Craven
CFP: Workshop, Moscow, 22-24 June 2005
CFP: PNLHA conference
Ann: La Revista de Indias special issue
Ann: free online inventory
CFP: ILWCH special issue
CFP: IEHC port history session
Ann: celebrating its 25th anniversary
Book ann: CARHOP
Call for reviewers
Newcastle, 18 June 2005
CFP: conference in Loughborough, 8-10 September 2005
Book ann: Cornell University Press
CFP: annual conference in Reading, 31 March-2 April 2006
Contents of Bulletin nr 42


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