Social and Labour History News

CFP: 'ILWCH' special issue
Pacific Northwest Labor History Conference
Updates on Russian archives and women's history
Melvyn Dubofsky on Gerald Friedman's monograph
Edward Beechert on Masayo Duus's 'Japanese Conspiracy'
CCLH workshop in Edmonton
TOC: 'Cahiers du Monde russe'
Financial problem remains
News bulletin of the BDIC
Guide to the CISL records
Archivio Pinelli conference
Talk in Manchester on March 9
Labour history sites added in February 2000
ESTER 2000 seminars on economic and social history
Review: Joyce Burnette reconsiders Ivy Pinchbeck
Interdisciplinary conference in Columbus, OH
Conference on comparative communist biography
Review: Johanna Granville on 'Soviet Military Intervention in Hungary'
Review: Daniel Hamilton on Amy Dru Stanley
Bibliography on US clothing and textile unions


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