Saklatvala’s 1922 Address for the 1922 British General Election

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was founded in 1920 and tried but failed to affiliate to the Labour Party. At the 1922 election Communists like Shapurji Saklatvala stood as individual Labour candidates.

The Labour Party’s 1924 Conference banned individual Communist membership, so Saklatvala stood again the North Battersea Division and won as a Communist with local Labour Party support. This made him Britain’s second Communist Party MP and third Black MP.

Poster for international wrestling competition

Low cost athletic activities like wrestling and boxing were popular among working class youth. In 1934, when this arrangement took place, the Norwegian labour sport organisation Arbeidernes Idrettsforbund (AIF) could celebrate its 10th anniversary with a membership figure of more than 50 000. Five years later the figure was doubled. Measured by number of members, AIF was the largest culture organisation in the labour movement. In 1936 an agreement was made with the traditional sport movement, and after the war the two groups merged.

Remember Wounded Knee

Poster celebrating resistance by the American Indian Movement (AIM). AIM was formed in 1968 to combat police brutality and corruption at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). In 1973 AIM supported a group Oglala Sioux opposed to the dictatorial rule of BIA supported tribal chairman. For over two months AIM, armed with shotguns and .22 rifles held out against elements of the 82nd Airborne Division, Federal Marshals, and Phantom jets. Wounded Knee had also been the site of a brutal massacre of the Sioux - mostly women, children and elderly men - by the U.S. Army in 1890.

We Celebrate Women’s Struggles - We Celebrate People’s Victories

This poster links the struggles of international liberation movements, in this case Viet Nam, to the women's movement. Depicting the figures holding the flag climbing a hill, the poster combines the text below with the figures through several cross references. Using the vibrant yellow and red colors of the Vietnamese flag in the women's liberation banner, and the linked figures are a visual statement of the text below, linking the struggles in more than words.

Farm Workers' Union Poster

This poster emphasizes the union as a defender of its members in a familial way. The Spanish text (trans: \The farmworkers' union--defending your rights ¡ as always!\) draws upon the Hispanic heritage of the union, while emphasis the sense of togetherness and continuity with the use of the Spanish familiar form of you and the photograph of the unions founder César Chavez (1927-1993) holding a young child. Happiness and love radiate from their faces, and the poster uses the symbol of the union, a black eagle, on the top and bottom edges.